Game of thrones (GOT) what’s new in season 6?

As of April, 24th we have entered a new season of the Game of thrones TV show and of course the GOT books.  I am not going to spoil but so far there was…get this…some death in the show! If you expected differently we have been watching different series. We have also entered into the magic realm of things once again.

Not only by the abilities of Bran which we saw last season or Daenerys‘s dragon but also some more magical juju by Melisandre. I am not sure which book is being played out in this new season but GOT 5 epub is available for download from Game of Thrones PDF.

To me reading the book is the same as reading a manga a popular anime which you also watch – actually it is worst since the novel includes far more detail than a manga. I would read the books after a books is finished being acted out in the TV series or not at all.

Well that is my quick non spoiler summary of what happens so far this season, I hope you enjoy it. Sound off in the comment section below and let us know what you think of the series as a whole? Have you read the books? Are your favourite characters still alive (knowing the sudden death of characters is one of the major issues with GOT, adding even more to the shows unpredictable nature)?

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